Rock Breaker for Hire

A rock breaker is a powerful hammer fitted for the excavator to demolish concrete structures or rocks. The power is supplied by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator, which for this reason is equipped with a foot operating valve. We will provide you with the best rock breaker for hire.

The rock breaker is intended to apply force to a small piston and to produce a mechanical advantage with a basic but effective operating principle, as the constant pressure is transferred to a larger area through the pipes, generating high force. Today, several different types of rock breaking devices are available and vary in weight, size, and application. Each rock breaker is built for a particular purpose. The strong steel structure is the one thing they all share. The balance and efficiency of the entire rock breaker are determined by the weight of the head. Logically, the heavier the head, the faster the breaking process and the more effective.

When the primary station is fitted with a rock breaker solution, long-term plant performance is greatly enhanced. Downtime can be quickly reduced to a minimum due to build-ups and blockages. This ensures a steady flow of material to the next process stages via the primary station. As a consequence of increased efficiency, the tremendous economic effect means that the investment payback period is usually very small.

Asian Star provides Rock Breaker for hire. At Asian Star, each rock breaker is a fully optimized system that is perfectly dimensioned to function smoothly as a package. To fit a jaw crusher or primary gyratory of any size, each package is optimized.