Forklift Rental Dubai

The forklift is an industrial vehicle, mounted to the front with a power-operated forked platform that can be raised and lowered to lift or shift for insertion under a cargo. Forklifts fulfill the needs of different sectors, such as warehouses and other large storage facilities.

There are many types of forklifts that allow operators to sit down while operating the truck, while others require the driver to stand (standup forklifts). In the transport of goods and materials, forklifts are commonly used.

Asian Star has been an exclusive organization-operating forklift rental in Dubai since 2005, and we are proud to deliver the best one-stop-shop solution for material handling. Our customers are spread through numerous market sectors. We take good care of our customer requirements, which is why today we are one of the leading forklift rental companies in the UAE.

As being a leading forklift rental in Dubai, we have a large variety of different types of forklifts and a range of quality-used machinery available, all of which standard and quality are outstanding. We provide our customers with timely supplies in their construction/industry projects from small to large scale equipment requirements and thus help them keep up with their schedule of projects. Our service is designed to respond project-by-project to each customer’s specific needs.

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